Wednesday, 31 August 2016

A brief word about the checking exercise

Tomorrow (or today depending on when you are reading this) primary schools receive data as part of the DfE's checking exercise. The aim is for schools to check the results and submit any changes by 16th September. These changes, along with any review outcomes, will be reflected in the performance tables in December and will not be taken account of in any earlier data releases. This obviously includes the unvalidated RAISE reports and Ofsted Inspection dashboards, which should be published in October. This has always been the case: first versions of RAISE and dashboards are based on unvalidated, potentially inaccurate data; later versions are based on the validated data, corrected via the checking exercise. 

In addition to pupil level results for checking, schools will also receive a summary sheet of headline results, including progress scores. Depending on how accurate your pupil data is, these headline data may or may not be reliable. Again, please bear in mind that if you make changes to your data tomorrow then this will not take effect until the validated RAISE report is published, probably in December. 

This is why RAISEonline provides users with the facility to edit pupil data, so you can ensure that RAISE is as fair and accurate portrayal of standards in your school as possible prior to the release of validated data. Note that any changes made do not alter the main report but can be viewed via the interactive reports, printed out and slotted into your main report to show the alternative, true picture. It is well worth familiarising yourself with these functions in the data management section of the website so you can get to work when version 1 of RAISE is released. Get in touch if you need any further information on this. 

Best wishes for tomorrow

Sunday, 28 August 2016

Guidance on primary data and accountability: useful links

As there are so many data-related documents out there at the moment, and many people are struggling to find all the guidance they need, I thought it'd be helpful to put all the main links in one place. Please let me know if I've forgotten anything important:

General guidance:

Primary School Accountability technical guide (includes floor standards & detail on progress measures):

Rochford Review recommendations for pupils working below standard of tests:

Report of Commission on Assessment without Levels (and other docs):

Data Management Review Group report (reducing teacher workload):

School performance tables 2016: statement of intent (content of performance tables - see Annex A):

The National Curriculum Programmes of Study (Primary):

Tests and teacher Assessment administration:

Teacher assessment frameworks, moderation guidance and ARAs for KS1 & KS2:

Assessment & Reporting Arrangements for EYFS:

Test administration guidance for Key Stage 1:

Test Administration guidance for Key Stage 2:

2016 Test frameworks for KS1 & KS2:

Data & Statistics

DfE Data checking exercise (for period 1st to 16th Sept 2016):

New performance tables website:

RAISEonline news - keep an eye on this particularly scheduled downtime (means new data coming):

DfE Statistics (main site):

Ofsted Stuff

Ofsted handbook:

School Inspection Updates from Ofsted (quarterly newsletter):

Ofsted Inspection Reports:

Ofsted monthly management information:


Hope that's useful