Sunday, 28 August 2016

Guidance on primary data and accountability: useful links

As there are so many data-related documents out there at the moment, and many people are struggling to find all the guidance they need, I thought it'd be helpful to put all the main links in one place. Please let me know if I've forgotten anything important:

General guidance:

Primary School Accountability technical guide (includes floor standards & detail on progress measures):

Rochford Review recommendations for pupils working below standard of tests:

Report of Commission on Assessment without Levels (and other docs):

Data Management Review Group report (reducing teacher workload):

School performance tables 2016: statement of intent (content of performance tables - see Annex A):

The National Curriculum Programmes of Study (Primary):

Tests and teacher Assessment administration:

Teacher assessment frameworks, moderation guidance and ARAs for KS1 & KS2:

Assessment & Reporting Arrangements for EYFS:

Test administration guidance for Key Stage 1:

Test Administration guidance for Key Stage 2:

2016 Test frameworks for KS1 & KS2:

Data & Statistics

DfE Data checking exercise (for period 1st to 16th Sept 2016):

New performance tables website:

RAISEonline news - keep an eye on this particularly scheduled downtime (means new data coming):

DfE Statistics (main site):

Ofsted Stuff

Ofsted handbook:

School Inspection Updates from Ofsted (quarterly newsletter):

Ofsted Inspection Reports:

Ofsted monthly management information:


Hope that's useful


  1. This is fantastic and so helpful. It will certainly save me time. Thank you!

  2. Great! Thanks for feedback. Much appreciated. A few more links have been added.

  3. Thanks so much, it's really useful having everything in one place.

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  5. Really helpful, many thanks Jamies

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