Monday, 12 September 2016

VA Calculator and Floor Standards tool: links to download

Warning: this blog post contains no opinions or rants whatsoever.

I recently shared my VA calculator and floor standard tool on Twitter and thought it'd be useful to put the links into a blog so people can find them easily.

PLEASE NOTE: the tools are stored in my One Drive so don't edit the online versions (think I set them to view only but just in case). Please download and save them to a local drive before getting to work, otherwise everyone will be able to see your data and i'll have to delete it. Also, it's likely that the links will be blocked on school PCs so you might need to access at home.

So, here are the links:


Click here to download the VA calculator

I've updated the VA calculator to include an Actual vs Estimated results page. You can now use this to get an idea of percentages 'expected' to achieve EXS and high standard for current cohorts. It will also calculate actual results once you have entered Y6 test scores and TAs; and compare actual to estimates.

Many people have asked me for the password for this spreadsheet, which is understandable. The spreadsheet is still locked but to save you the hassle of contacting me, the password is 'primary'. PLEASE don't unlock and edit the online version.

Note: new version calculated low/middle/high bands


Floor standards tool can be downloaded here

Please read the notes on the first tab of both tools for instructions and get in touch (@jpembroke) if you have any questions or comments.

Have fun!


  1. Is there any chance you could share the password please? I would like to set a print area and repeat the top rows but I can't do that when the sheet is protected.

  2. Happy tp share but prefer not to put it on the blog. Tweet me and I'll DM it to you.

  3. Does the value added calculator only work on Y6 actual data, or can it be set to predict what value added would be if the predicted scores were attained?

  4. If predicted scores were attained then VA would be zero.

  5. You can enter KS1 for any cohort to get end key stage estimates by the way.

  6. Thank you for making this and sharing it.

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